Consistency of Bee Panacea


Our honey comes from local bee keepers and it is 100% RAW. Honey is only considered raw when it has not been heated above 120 degrees Fahrenheit or filtered. Gentle straining of the honey is fine but overheating and heavy filtration will remove every last shred of bee pollen and propolis, as well as, other nutritional benefits. While most commercial honey has been heated and filtered to maintain its liquid state, all raw honey will eventually harden, or crystallize.

The rate it takes for honey to crystallize varies from one variety to the next. Some varieties will crystallize slowly, others more rapidly. Some may even take on a creamy, peanut-butter texture. This variance is based on several different factors including – but not limited to – season, the flowers bees pollinate, and the temperature in which the honey is stored. Even within a certain variety of honey, different batches crystallize at different rates and textures.

Because the consistency of the honey is a factor that is always changing, so too, is the consistency of Bee Panacea. These imperfections are proof that we make the formula most old fashioned way, without using any technological tools, or machines to deliver you the most nutritionally dense product. It is so important that we don’t compromise on any of the important aspects of the precious formula, especially our honey.

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.